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Kotagede The Legend Of Silver City

Kotagede The Legend Of Silver City

If you are an admirer of silver handicrafts, Kotagede is the right destination! From the city of Yogyakarta, you can continue the journey to the south and find the rich silver city in the history and the birthplace of the craftsmen silver.

The Historical Story That Never Ends

Kotagede is the name of a sub-district located in Yogyakarta and where this is commonly known as “Silver City”. A long time ago, before 1952 Kotagede was the capital of the Sultanate of Mataram. Then the kingdom was divided into Kasunanan Surakarta and Kasultanan Yogyakarta. The former of the Mataram kingdom in Kotagede to the present time is still visible, even the main attraction for this region as a tourist destination.

The arrangement of old urban planning in Java is very applied in this area, by placing strategic places close together. You can visit and see firsthand the Great Mosque, King’s Tomb, Legi Market, and the village of Alun-Alun (Between Two Gates) in one reach. Then, you can walk down the small hallway and there are many unique Indische house buildings in Kotagede. One more, you have to visit the silver gallery which is on the edge of Kotagede street.

1) Omah Dhuwur, an Indische-style building

2) Kotagede Great Mosque Gates

The Birth of Silver Craftsmen

The existence of Mataram kingdom in antiquity would have an impact for the people of Kotagede, especially silver craft here. Initially, the people of Kotagede make silver craft the needs of the Kingdom, which then hereditary until now. chemistry to history is what makes Kotagede the birthplace of creative humans as silver craftsmen. 

Many silver craftsmen born from this place does not mean all is well, there are many problems to be faced. The increasing sophistication of modern times, the less well the next generation of craftsmen. Then the process of silver is also very detailed because it requires precision and patience if until there is a mistake when making the silver must be melted back. 

Kotagede’s Silver Products

Previously during the Mataram kingdom, the craft produced by craftsmen in Kotagede was a craft for the kingdom such as gold, silver, and metal. So the economy in Kotagede continued to grow until finally came a trader from the Netherlands who ordered cutlery, trophies, ashtrays, candles, napkins, and jewelry with European motifs. Since that time silver handicrafts are increasingly known.

Silver products in Kotagede also had a crisis that caused the marketing continues to decline. The craftsmen began to innovate by making silver a souvenir. Various handicrafts are sold in galleries today ranging from rings, pendants, earrings, bracelets, spoons, forks, teapots, jars, silver bags, sculptures, miniatures, brooches, wall hangings, carved helmets, and many more.

The marketing of silver kotagede is sold domestically and overseas. If you come directly, there are many in the galleries along the roadside Kotagede. Meanwhile, overseas marketing with online and export. Uniquely these craftsmen also receive custom orders as per the buyer’s wishes. For example, it is a very beautiful carving helmet.

3) One of the silver galleries in Kotagede

4) Examples of silver carving helmets

Every detail of this Kotagede Silver is made manually from the hands of the craftsmen directly. Until now the process of manual work is still done to maintain the aesthetic value of each product produced. The work that deserves appreciation, because it is made wholeheartedly and through a very difficult process. Don’t forget to spend your time to visit Kotagede and join their products.